License our Patented Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturing System

License agreements are available if you are interested in our patented system to manufacture IBT's innovative weather and insect resistant Structural Insulating Panels.

Complete offering of equipment for manufacturing.

  1. IBT will sell the manufacturing equipment required to produce the IBT SIP panel design
  2. IBT will assist setting up the production equipment and train the operators
  3. IBT has financing packages available

Steel frame welding equipment, state-of-the-art jig tables, and polyurethane injection press machines are combined to manufacture the IBT structural insulated panels (SIPs). SIP panels are generally constructed by laminating OSB “skins” to an EPS core. IBT panels are constructed by fabrication of a metal frame and then injecting it with polyurethane, with or without a sheathing material.

This is an opportunity to invest in a new construction manufacturing technology. IBT SIPs have a strong market, are environmentally friendly and ideal for insect prone areas, coastal flood plains and extreme climates.

Become a manufacturer of an innovative weather and insect resistant Structural Insulating Panel.

IBT SIPS are energy efficient, water resistant, fire resistant, mold resistant, strong, and durable. IBT Panels are a patented load bearing and highly insulated building panel that is used to construct residential and light commercial structures.

IBT offers factory made Structural Insulated Panel kits which include all of the parts and accessories to erect homes, duplexes and commercial structures requiring high performance and durability. Our technology can be used as a load bearing system for multi-floor structures.

IBT is currently shipping throughout the USA, and is offering manufacturing equipment in order to increase our manufacturing capacity and expand into worldwide real estate markets.

Panel Certificate Number by Country

Republica Diminicana

Ministerio de Obras Publicas Direccion
General do Reglamentos

Certificado de Panels SIP-DAPLIR-03-15


Despacho del Ministerio del Ambiente

Certificado de Paneles SIP-RSU-101-2-12


Ministerio ded Economia

Certificado de Paneles SIP-104286 MEF

Costa Rica

Certificacion Juridica

Numero de Certification

Persona Juridica 3-101-719779

If you want to explore ownership of a manufacturing facility, please contact us.

Simple. Safe. Strong.

A Truly Unique Brand of Structural Insulated Panels

Our product is unique from any other on the market today. Our exclusive design combines 18-gauge steel studs with a two-part polyurethane foam. This makes for one of the strongest home building materials ever created.

Our panels have been able to withstand hurricane force winds, and are extremely resistant to floods, earthquakes, fires, insects, mold, rodents, and allergens, in any climate, making them some of the most desired building materials for conventional and emergency homes.

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  • Structural Insulated Panel Options For Homes and Businesses
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