A home that uses our pre cut SIP panels

Pre-cut Structural Insulated Panels, ready to assemble

This project is an example of what’s possible with IBT SIP Panels.

Send us your blueprints and we’ll price out the construction with our panels.

With IBT pre-cut panels, you have a ready-to-assemble system that speeds construction and nearly eliminates jobsite waste. Pre-cut panels arrive at the jobsite labeled and ready to assemble.

What is the design and manufacturing process?

IBT develops panel pre-cut drawings using architectural drawings and specifications provided by the client, architect or builder. Once the drawings have been approved, the window and door openings, electric boxes, and any other cutting requirements such as nailers are programmed into the manufacturing process. Each SIP is labeled and corresponds to the drawing for quick identification and assembly.  IBT  will work with your designer and contractor to maximize the efficiency and success of your SIP home.

A typical Innovative Building Technologies Standard Panelized Housing Package includes:

  • Structural Inspulated Panels construction project in Lake Charles Louisiana Three sets of construction prints “sealed by an engineer” and numbered shop drawings for panel assembly
  • All wall panels and roof panels
  • Any required beams and load bearing walls
  • Second floor joists (when applicable)
  • All fasteners and caulking
  • Pre-cut door and window openings
  • Pre-cut gable wall and side wall
  • Pre-cut roof trusses and panels
  • Any necessary steel 2x4s

Our SIP system is based on a 4’ x 8’ structural insulation panel composed of steel framing filled with expanded polyurethane.

Exterior sheathing options are available. Example: dimension 2×4 studs located in the center of a 4′ panel. This gives the builder the same format that he or she is familiar with by imitating conventional 16″ centers with a single bottom plate, two top plates, and header/king trimmer assemblies. Exterior brick, vinyl siding, cement board or other is applied by self tapping screws through the metal frames

You’ll also gain access to a team of technical professionals and a range of resources including:

  • Support and information for builders, including product specifications, structural capabilities, connection details, and fastening requirements
  • Support for professionals, from direction and details to complete construction drawings specific to each job
  • An on-site Technical Assistant can be made available, as an option, for job-site consultation
We can refer prospective contractors in your building area to you.

Prices and plans listed are subject to change without notice and may require modifications to meet your local building code requirements.

IBT Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

IBT structural insulated panels (SIPs) replace traditional wood framing. They are typically 4' x 8' feet, and consist of welded, 18 gauge, recycled steel studs.

A two-part polyurethane foam is injected into the cavities of the frame. The exterior of each panel is covered with a membrane. Membranes vary with regard to what area the panels will be used, such as a hurricane prone area vs an arid area.

This design not only enhances the structural integrity of our product, it makes it virtually impenetrable and indestructible.

Our panels are extremely fire, wind, earthquake, moisture (flood), insect, rodent, allergen, and sound resistant. And while no building material is completely "nature proof," we believe our product can weather nearly any storm, and can last for centuries.

R - Value of structural insulated panels

Thermal Resistance

In the construction industry, the "R-value" is the measure of thermal resistance for materials such as insulation and assemblies of materials such as walls, floors and ceilings. The R-value indicates how quickly these materials will lose heat. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

Most standard insulation carries an R-value of 13. The R-value of our product is nearly twice that. This is because of the density of our two-part polyurethane foam, the way we inject the foam into the cells of the frame, and the way our panels are assembled together.

Higher R-values mean significant savings for on grid structures in terms of heating and cooling costs. It is an integral component for emergency and off grid structures where heating and cooling may be dependent on solar or generator power, or heat/cold needs to be kept out.


What may be most appealing about IBT panels is not just their cost effectiveness, resistance to the elements, and other variables. It is their versatility.

Panelized construction is the way of the future. Panels can accommodate complicated designs, such as multi-level homes and commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings, and so much more. ​

Uncomplicated designs, such as our "Simple Shelters" emergency and off-grid home designs (see our emergency shelters page) are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Our kits provide everything you need to assemble your shelter within hours. They can also be disassembled, stored, and reused! ​

Our Panels have been tested under extreme conditions and have been shown to be ideal for virtually any environment. And because they are not constructed with wood, which degrades with time, they have the potential to last for centuries. ​

What also makes our panels versatile is our varying designs that accommodate windows, doors, ceilings, and floors.

Expertly constructed structural insulated panels
Ease of construction with structural insulated panels

Ease of Construction

Whether you are building a hotel, home, warehouse, business outlet, or an emergency shelter, we provide all of the hardware you will need, such as mounting tracks, joining clips, fasteners, and more, to assemble your panels.

If you are not using one of our "kits" with floor plans, we will work with your architect to insure that your project goes smoothly.

Panel building is actually less difficult than traditional building. But because our product is used both nationally and internationally, we offer assembly training in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a "hands on" experience that can help expedite larger projects.

We also provide a reference manual, for contractors, workers, and individuals, to insure a seamless construction project.

Insect Proof, Sustainable Building

Our product is "bug-proof" in that no wood is used in its construction. The studs we use to construct our panels is 18 gauge recycled steel.

We also offer "green" solutions. From solar panels to solar lights and water collection.

IBT advanced technology can add on-grid and off-grid products to your residential, commercial, emergency, and secluded housing needs, regardless of size.

Ask an IBT professional how you can save money with eco-friendly options.

structural insulated panels
Structural insulated panels for consistency and speed in building

Community and Emergency Planning

Whether you are planning recreational structures, a small or large community, single or multiple family homes, or are seeking emergency housing and facilities for displaced groups, IBT has answers.

You may have access to electricity and water, or you may not. We offer options for a variety of situations.

Our panels can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world. And because they ship flat, they can easily be transported to remote areas.

Contact a national or international IBT professional to discuss your specific needs.

Simple. Safe. Strong.

You can count on us for:

  • Structural Insulated Panel Options For Homes and Businesses
  • Structure Design Assistance
  • Emergency and Family Housing Kits
  • Off-grid Structure Options
  • and Much More...

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