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About IBT Simple Shelters

IBT is a structural Insulated panel (SIP) manufacturer located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Our SIPs are ideal for emergency housing and off-grid shelters, but can also be used for residential and commercial building.

The Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)

The SIP replaces the traditional wood framing of conventional homes and structures. Our panels are typically 4 x 8 feet. The frames consist of welded, 18 gauge, recycled steel studs. A a two-part polyurethane foam is injected into the cavities of the frame. The exterior of each panel is covered with a membrane. Membranes vary with regard to what area the panel will be used, such as a hurricane prone area. Our panels are "green" in that no wood is used in their construction.

The two-part polyurethane foam used to insulate our panel greatly adds to its structural integrity, making it one of the strongest building materials ever created. Our homes and structures have been able to withstand hurricane force winds, and are extremely resistant to fire, flooding, mold, allergens, and insects. They are also very effective in reducing outside noise. The foam also has an extremely high "R-value." The higher the R-value, the better the insulating power.

Cost Savings!

We call our emergency and off grid homes "Simple Shelters" for many reasons. One reason is because they are economical.

Simple Shelters are cost efficient because all of the panels used in their construction are manufactured and delivered to your site ready to assemble. They can then be constructed within hours. This greatly reduces labor costs.

Our shelter kits are easily transported to virtually any location because the panels are stacked and the hardware is boxed. This not only reduces shipping costs, it reduces the amount of labor needed to transport our kits to off grid sites.

To assemble, panels are placed on a track, on an anchored frame sub-floor, or concrete, and are connected. The roof is flat but very slightly graded for run off. Our rainwater collection kits can be easily added to this design, which saves in water transportation costs.

Our emergency homes can be disassembled, stored, and reused which reduces future emergency and off-grid housing costs.

Simple Shelters Save you Money!

Emergency Shelters, Emergency Housing, Off-Grid Structures

Floor Plans

​Your basic emergency plan may not include standard kitchen appliances, seating, a shower, or functioning water toilet due to off-grid constraints. However, these issues can be remedied with our "off-grid" products.

Our emergency, off-grid, options make our homes even more habitable. Products such as such as solar heated showers, solar ovens, lighting, and other solar solutions, satisfy basic human needs. Click on the options button below for more information.

Safe Haven - One Bedroom Shelters

We currently offer our Safe Haven floor plan (top) in the following dimensions:10' x 12', 10' x 16', and 10' x 20'.

Harmony Home - For Families or Multiple Residents

We offer our 20' x 20' Harmony Home floor plan (bottom) with a variety of exterior designs.

If you have specific needs, feel free to ask one of our professionals how those needs can be accommodated. We can build whatever size emergency or off-grid home you desire.

Emergency Shelters, Emergency Housing, Off-Grid StructuresEmergency Shelters, Emergency Housing, Off-Grid Structures

Qwik Home - For Families or Multiple Residents

The Qwik Home 240 has 240 square feet of space and includes a loft, maximizing the 10 feet by 16 feet of space used by this shelter.

Click on our "Models and Floor Plans" page for for details and other options.

Emergency Shelters, Emergency Housing, Off-Grid Structures

The Versatile Product

IBT Panels are a trusted product in the construction industry in many parts of the country, and now the world.

Panel building is the way of the future because panels can not only accommodate uncomplicated designs, such as our Simple Shelters, they can simplify almost any project, including multi-level homes and commercial businesses.

What may be most appealing about IBT panels is not just their cost effectiveness, resistance to the elements and other extreme variables. It is their strength.

Our Panels have been tested under extreme conditions and have been shown to be ideal for virtually any environment. And because they are not constructed with wood, which degrades with time, they have the potential to last for centuries.

Emergency/Off-Grid Options

Whether your structure(s) will be on grid, or off grid, we have solutions for both.

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