Building With Panels Before & After

Panel building is the way of the future, and the future is now.

Because the much of the work is done prior to arrival on site, wasted materials are minimal and the building process is expedited.

The finished product has superior structural integrity.

Innovative Building Technologies at Home

IBT is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Our main office and training facility are located at our primary manufacturing facility and warehouse.

Our dedicated staff takes a great deal of pride in their work and they enjoy what they do!

Our talented craftsmen make sure that your product is superior.

Simple. Safe. Strong.

A Truly Unique Brand of Structural Insulated Panels

Our product is unique from any other on the market today. Our exclusive design combines 18-gauge steel studs with a two-part polyurethane foam. This makes for one of the strongest home building materials ever created.

Our panels have been able to withstand hurricane force winds, and are extremely resistant to floods, earthquakes, fires, insects, mold, rodents, and allergens, in any climate, making them some of the most desired building materials for conventional and emergency homes.

Innovative Building Technologies: structural insulated panel manufacturer

You can count on us for:

  • Structural Insulated Panel Options For Homes and Businesses
  • Structure Design Assistance
  • Emergency and Family Housing Kits
  • Off-grid Structure Options
  • and Much More...

Innovative Building Technologies:

Building That Makes Sense